Some old photos……….


Looking at some old photo albums recently I came across some pictures I haven’t seen in years…….


Playing football......

Not sure about the shorts!


I used to enjoy playing football – here I am showing off on tour with the BBC football team in 1998! – I stopped, worried that one day it would all end in tears!


Just look at the technique.....

Just look at the technique…..












I also loved playing snooker and pool – this is a quarter sized table I treated myself to many years ago…..it looked great in the shop…… however, when it was delivered we quickly realised there was only one angle where we could use a decent sized cue because the room was too small. So I bought a cue that was slightly longer than a cocktail stick. We kept the table for quite a few years – I’ve no idea where it is now!


pondering life on the Thames in '95

Pondering life on the Thames in ’95


When I left college my first  job was co-leader of The London Philharmonic. Every summer the orchestra ‘moved’ down to Glyndebourne in East Sussex. This was before the opera house was remodelled and the orchestra pit was hot, cramped and when the drains played up….quite pungent! During this particular rehearsal the conductor asked me to conduct the orchestra while he listened to the balance. The beginning and end of my conducting career!


Conducting(!) the LPO at Glyndebourne in '88

Conducting(!) the LPO at Glyndebourne in ’88














 Recently we moved to a house with a garden that needs lots of work. Here I am dismantling a fruit cage and taking the opportunity to perfect my zombie impression!


Caution dangerous animal!

Caution dangerous animal!