October 2019 Update

Dear Everyone,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all those who were kind enough to send me “Get Well” messages over the last couple of months.

I should explain that at the end of July, just after doing the first three BBC Symphony Orchestra Proms, I was at my mum’s flat doing a bit of gardening when I managed to fall backwards down a flight of ten concrete steps. Apart from a lot of bruising and some cuts to my arms, I, unfortunately, broke the middle finger on my left hand as I tried in vain to grab something to break my fall.

I saw Mr Phillips, who is a top hand surgeon within 48 hours and was extremely relieved to hear that although the finger was broken it was a stable injury that would heal, albeit with many weeks’ of intensive hand therapy. I’ve been working very hard since and I’m glad to say, although my finger looks a little odd still, I am able to move it and have begun to practise both the violin and piano (which has been a great way to build up both stamina and movement).

I’ve really missed seeing my colleagues at the BBC SO and also colleagues at some of the other concerts I had planned and I’m looking forward to being back at work in November – Fingers Crossed!

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