A Letter From Erich Korngold’s Son

Dear Mr. Bryant:

I know that my wife had written to you to tell you why I couldn’t answer your kind letter.

I have been home now for 6 weeks and am recuperating quiet well. Hence, I am finally able to take care of my correspondence.

Thank you for the very nice news about your upcoming performances of the Korngold Concerto. I am delighted that you are playing it, especially after listening to the cassette of your performances from 1982. Congratulations! You have a beautiful tone, play with great musicality and no need to say anything about the fine technique. I wish you all the best for a future career, which, is seems to me you will certainly achieve. (By the way, I shall inform the Scotland based “Korngold Society” that you gave the first performance. They thought the first performance was given by a young lady – her name escapes me – last year).

Unfortunately, due to the recent by-pass operation it seems rather unlikely that I would be in England at the time of your performances. I am sorry but I am sure you understand.

Did you know that Korngold wrote quite a bit of very worthwhile chamber music? You and your group might be interested. Schott is the publisher and there is a piano trio, 3 quartets, a sextet, a quintet, a suit for left hand piano and 2 violins and cello as well as a violin sonata.

Do let me hear from you again. I would be very interested to know how the performances went – especially your debut in London. If anyone makes a tape, I would love to hear it…

For now, kindest regards and best wishes.


George Korngold

April 7, 1986

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